Meet Our Team

Natalie Adewunmi


A Registered Nurse and a certified Care Manager with 13 years of experience, Natalie has worked in a variety of settings including the hospital, physician offices, in community centers, and in home environments. Natalie has a unique approach that focuses on a process of discovering what is most important to clients and their families.  She is able to develop a step-by-step plan to achieve each clients goals and faces the most challenging situations with patience and compassion. Natalie and her team ensure that all clients experience love and respect in each interaction.  

Moira Birdsall Yuhas


Moira Yuhas has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan.  Her background in home based family crisis management, combined with her personal experience of guiding older family members through the aging process, has led her to our Care Management Team.   Moira has raised 5 children in Ann Arbor, while caring for aging parents, and has a vast network of reputable service providers in the area for each and every step in the aging process.  Moira shares Natalie’s approach to discovering what is important to clients and their families, from their perspective, and working on a care plan that meets each clients needs.  Moira has a desired outcome of partnering with older adults, forming life long connections, and delivering comprehensive, compassionate, and client centered care throughout the aging process.

Sarah Camp

Sarah has a tremendous ability to plan and organize to reach our client's desired outcomes. She is passionate about working alongside clients and their families to find out what has become difficult, and suggest, implement and manage practical solutions tailored to the clients needs and situation.  She also loves helping clients find and engage with relevant communities that can help bring safety, joy, and independence back into their lives.  A mother of two and a sister of eight, Sarah is family and community focused not only in work but in volunteering in the community as well. She currently sits on the Board of a local public charter school and hosts a weekly breakfast that benefits families from all over the Washtenaw County area.  What brought Sarah to care management is the desire to research, present options, and allow clients to make their own informed decisions.   

Natalie Barense


Natalie is a Registered Nurse with 3 years of experience in the inpatient general medicine setting. She truly enjoys getting to know the lives of each person in her care and advocating for their unique needs. She cares deeply about helping people achieve their goals with a positive and hopeful attitude. She is currently employed at the University of Michigan hospital on a General Medicine and Cardiology unit where she loves working closely with a variety of healthcare specialties to provide holistic nursing care. She shares CMN's values of transparency and hope throughout the entirety of the aging process and she desires to partner with her clients to promote a life they love.

Mary Beth Harris


Mary Beth has a Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan and is a registered dietitian.  Prior to joining the team, she worked as a dietitian at Michigan Medicine C.S. Mott Children's Hospital as a member of the Children's Intestinal Rehabilitation Team for 12 years.  Mary Beth's desire to combine her years of healthcare experience with her public health background and love of providing client centered care led her to this role. Mary Beth has a passion for planning and organizing and uses these talents to help our clients and families accomplish their goals.  She enjoys engaging with clients and their families to identify what will help enrich their lives throughout the aging process.

Kara LaFleur

Kara LaFleur has a Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies. She has six years of experience working in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, with five of those years managing vulnerable populations within an inpatient setting. In caring for her patients, care management has been intertwined in her role as she aided families in transitioning them to the next level of care and supporting them in their new environment. Kara is now employed at the Veterans Affairs Hospital and sees her role as an honor to serve those who have served with their lives.  Her passion is to come along clients and assist them in decision making while maintaining individuals' integrity, values, and wishes through the aging process. 

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