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Natalie Adewunmi


A Registered Nurse and a certified Care Manager with 13 years of experience, Natalie has worked in a variety of settings including the hospital, physician offices, in community centers, and in home environments. Natalie has a unique approach that focuses on a process of discovering what is most important to clients and their families.  She is able to develop a step-by-step plan to achieve each clients goals and faces the most challenging situations with patience and compassion. Natalie and her team ensure that all clients experience love and respect in each interaction.  


Moira Birdsall Yuhas


Moira Yuhas has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan.  Her background in home based family crisis management, combined with her personal experience of guiding older family members through the aging process, has led her to our Care Management Team.   Moira has raised 5 children in Ann Arbor, while caring for aging parents, and has a vast network of reputable service providers in the area for each and every step in the aging process.  Moira shares Natalie’s approach to discovering what is important to clients and their families, from their perspective, and working on a care plan that meets each clients needs.  Moira has a desired outcome of partnering with older adults, forming life long connections, and delivering comprehensive, compassionate, and client centered care throughout the aging process.


Sarah Camp

Sarah has a tremendous ability to plan and organize to reach our client's desired outcomes. She is passionate about working alongside clients and their families to find out what has become difficult, and suggest, implement and manage practical solutions tailored to the clients needs and situation.  She also loves helping clients find and engage with relevant communities that can help bring safety, joy, and independence back into their lives.  A mother of two and a sister of eight, Sarah is family and community focused not only in work but in volunteering in the community as well. She currently sits on the Board of a local public charter school and hosts a weekly breakfast that benefits families from all over the Washtenaw County area.  What brought Sarah to care management is the desire to research, present options, and allow clients to make their own informed decisions.   


Mary Beth Harris


Mary Beth has a Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan and is a registered dietitian.  Prior to joining the team, she worked as a dietitian at Michigan Medicine C.S. Mott Children's Hospital as a member of the Children's Intestinal Rehabilitation Team for 12 years.  Mary Beth's desire to combine her years of healthcare experience with her public health background and love of providing client centered care led her to this role. Mary Beth has a passion for planning and organizing and uses these talents to help our clients and families accomplish their goals.  She enjoys engaging with clients and their families to identify what will help enrich their lives throughout the aging process.


Alexi Weber

Companion Supervisor

Alexi Weber has been married for 22 years and is a mom of 3 teenage girls. When Alexi isn't with a client, she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, playing games and walking her dog. Family is important to her. Alexi has had close relationships with all her grandparents and was able to celebrate her Grandma turning 95 this past August!  Working with clients is a privilege to Alexi, and she seeks to give every client the compassionate care she would give her own grandparents.  As she has experienced her grandparents aging, she is aware of some of the unique challenges of the aging process.  She absolutely loves being a companion and looks forward to getting to know clients while also serving them with any needs they have.


Ebony Adams

Care Manager

Ebony Adams attended the University of Michigan where she studied Art & Design but eventually found her passion in healthcare. For many years she used her creative skills to specialize in senior therapy through personalized centered programming and engagement. This type of care allowed Ebony to assist clients in creating daily moments of success on their journeys through life. Eventually Ebony found her purpose in life while caring for those suffering with Alzheimer’s and Dementia which she has been proudly doing for 15 years. She is currently pursuing her Dementia Practitioners Certification to further her knowledge and expertise. Ebony undeniably has a heart for the senior population that allows her the capability to view life through the eyes of her clients to appropriately meet their needs. Her focus is centered around serving those to the best of her ability in whatever capacity that may be.


Jessica Phillips

Care Manager

Jessica Phillips has spent many summers staying with her grandparents which has fostered a love for working with older adults. She attended graduate school at Eastern Michigan University where she studied social work with a concentration in healthcare and aging. She interned at the Turner Geriatric clinic in the social work department for a year. She graduated in April of 2021 with her masters and joined the CMN team full time. Jessica enjoys the connections she makes with each of her clients and having the opportunity to partner with them in a supportive and trusting way that honors them. After Jessica’s grandmother passed away from Lewy Body Dementia, she became passionate about learning more about dementia care to better serve her clients and their families. She is excited to grow in her social work career with Care Management by Natalie


Anne Ristich


Anne Ristich got her Bachelor’s of Music from New England Conservatory and her Master’s of Music from the University of Michigan, both in violin performance. She has been a member of professional orchestras in California, Boston, Germany, France and Michigan. 

When Anne is not playing or teaching violin she enjoys birdwatching, taking hikes and living in Ann Arbor with her twin daughters, Katie and Monica. She also loves playing with her two dogs, Little Lady and Dylan and her one beautiful cat, Summer. 



Christy Spencer 


Christy has a Bachelor of Social Work with a minor in psychology from Eastern Michigan University.  She has several years of experience working with vulnerable and geriatric populations. She has also worked at the University of Michigan for over 12 years in the medical research field.  As a child, Christy loved spending time with her elder family members and was always fascinated with their life stories.  She loves engaging with and getting to know the lives of the clients she works with as a companion.   


Hannah Bender

Hannah graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a BFA in Graphic Design and an associate's degree in photography. She has lived in Ypsilanti since she graduated & considers that home. She works part-time for her church and interacts with students quite a bit in a ministry setting. She enjoys running, photography, and outdoor adventures of any kind. She cares deeply for the individual and advocates well when there is a need at hand. She is ready and willing to jump in and help in any situation that may arise. She has enjoyed working for Care Management by Natalie because they really care about the individual.

Jenny Turner


A former teacher of 25 years, Jenny retired from teaching at the end of 2020. Her retirement didn't last long as she became a companion for CMN in May 2021. Her teaching background as well as helping to care for her aging grandmother (and now) aging father, have helped her to have compassion and understanding for the clients she works with. She wants her clients to feel as if they have someone in their corner, and someone they can enjoy spending time with. Jenny always looks forward to her visits with her clients and enjoys the time spent doing different things. Jenny is a local Ann Arbor resident ( a townie) and has been here most of her life. She graduated  from Eastern Michigan University, is married and has two adult sons. She loves animals, gardening, 


Noah Krepostman


Noah Krepostman is currently a senior at the University of Michigan majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience. While on the path to medical school, he has found great interest in the effects of aging on cognitive and physical activity. Through volunteer work at the University Hospital and in research, he has been able to understand that personalized care is crucial for one’s happiness at all stages of life. As the youngest of five siblings Noah has a strong value for family and is beyond grateful to spend time with clients and their families. With his grandparents and extended family living miles away in Peru, he is excited for the many interactions he will encounter with older individuals. Noah enjoys going on walks with his two dogs, playing outdoor sports, card games, and spending time with friends and family. He looks forward to providing a spark of joy for our clients, while also learning many lessons from them along the way!

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Nichole Colvin


I’m originally from Detroit, Michigan. My family and I relocated to Ypsilanti, Michigan, when I was 16, and I’ve been residing here since. I have  two daughters. I love cooking/learning new recipes, reading, swimming and watching Sci-fi television series in my free time. What attracted me to caregiving and companionship was my fondness of meeting new people—and my ability to lighten the senior community load with a hands-on approach. Being part of Care Management by Natalie has taught me the vast village it takes to help seniors navigate change in their physical and mental health. I also love the valuable part of learning wisdom, courage, hardships, and other lifelong learning  experiences from our senior community.

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Ashley Temple


Ashley is a sophomore at Grand Valley State University studying Business. She lives in Canton and has two younger siblings and a dog. Ashley is a volunteer for Vacation Bible School, serving on the leadership team and as a small group leader. She has a passion for planning and organizing and uses these talents to help her clients and families accomplish their goals. Ashley has experienced her grandparents aging which has helped her grow in compassion and understanding. She enjoys the connections she makes with each of her clients and their families, providing the opportunity to partner with them in a supportive and trusting way. Ashley’s mom uses a wheelchair and is thus aware of the everyday challenges that limited mobility entails.

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