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Our Focus: Education & Advocacy

Navigating the healthcare system can be a challenge for anyone

As health care providers, we are able to provide education on management of health conditions as well as assist with coordinating care. We can attend physician appointments to be listening ears for clients and family as they interpret diagnoses, and treatment recommendations.

We can also help to clarify recommendations with physicians and specialists by asking the important questions that often are difficult to think of on the spot. When there is a caregiver team in the home, we can evaluate whether our client is receiving quality care. When needed we can provide coaching to hired caregivers in the home.

Comprehensive Assessment 

We provide an in home comprehensive assessment as it relates to our clients health concerns, daily activities, support system, nutrition, home safety, and caregiver support.  We will use this information to develop a care plan that includes tailored recommendations and practical next steps.

Home Nurse Examining Patient


We help our clients remain independent as long as they possibly can.  We work with clients and their families to evaluate and select the appropriate level of support that will keep them safe and happy.

Home Cook
Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Proactive Monitoring

We will develop a plan with a client and/or family to visit on a consistent basis. We can do face-to-face visits or video visits.


During these visits we will ensure that their health and wellness is being addressed proactively, and provide creative solutions to issues that arise.

Family Caregiver Coaching


Being a caregiver is a labor of love and we are here to support you. We can provide support and coaching to help you tailor the care you are providing to the needs of your loved one. 

Old and Young

Technology Assessment & Solutions


Technology is a creative solution to help individuals that live away from their families or friends stay connected. Technology can be a great tool to help clients engage in communities when it becomes more difficult to leave their home. We can assess what technology would be helpful to your loved one and implement this technology in their daily routine.

Working Coffee
Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Community Resources

We are specialists in community resources and can assess needs and connect to resources as needed. Resources include elder law attorneys, elderly learning communities, day centers, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), senior center activities, housing bureaus, Medicare/Medicaid counseling, pharmacy resources, private duty agencies, etc. 

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